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PS PayPal Emultimedia Secure Auto Delivery


Sell with Paypal, receive the money and your multimedia file (e-book, sound track, software or any other multimedia file that can be sent by email) is sent immediately and automatically to the buyer!

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PS PayPal Emultimedia Secure Auto Delivery

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PS PayPal Emultimedia Secure Auto Delivery

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License Fee Pack: PS Secure Paypal E-books and E-Multimedia Delivery is a php script that will allow you to sell E-books and Multimedia Files (Software, Photos, Music files as well as small / medium-sized videos or those that can be sent as e-mail attachments) in complete safety and directly on your website or on your favorite social pages. without the risk that malicious people can access the directory of your server where the files are stored, downloading the contents. With PS Secure Paypal E-books and E-Multimedia Delivery your buyers will receive the file or files purchased immediately after making the payment through Paypal (with their account or with one of the many Cards accepted by Paypal), in "automatic mode" and directly as an attachment to an email generated by our script, which does not allow you to make a normal button or cart generated by your Paypal account! Once the payment procedure is completed and the notification of payment has been received by Paypal, the buyer will automatically receive the email with the attached file (s). Therefore it is enough to worry about having to send you the purchased files!

"License Fee" package: the package includes scripts; + manual for installation and setting in English, easily translatable also with google translator.

More details and Demo: HERE

Do you want to entrust our technicians with the task of arranging and directly installing the script on your server?

Buy now the "PS IT Paypal Secure Delivery Install and Config" Package


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