PS IT Advanced GDPR Cookies Law Module


Module for compliance with the European Cookies Law and the latest changes to the GDPR of your Store Thirty Bees, which blocks the installation of cookies until the user gives his explicit consent, allows you to deny the use of cookies while allowing to continue browsing and shopping and to access and change the setting of cookies at any time , with access links always in sight, as expressly desired by the new provisions, while allowing you to browse the site and make purchases.

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PS IT Advanced GDPR Cookies Law Module

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PS IT Advanced GDPR Cookies Law Module

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The package includes: Module.

The module allows to comply with all that is expressly requested and provided for by the new rules:

- Prior, clear and explicit consent (Acceptance or refusal and Configuration of the individual types of cookies on the website).

- Block cookies. Customers can browse the store and shop without installing third-party cookies.

- Changing cookie settings by the customer after the first consent with access link always highlighted.

- Analysis of cookies in use on the website.

- "FedeIn" left to right effect to maximize user attention (as required by the new guidelines).
Highly and easily customizable graphics, colors and positioning of the warning banner from the control panel.


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