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E-Commerce StartUp Basic


Zero Fixed and Initial Costs! The advance price will be deducted from our commissions and, therefore, fully recovered! For the rest, we take care of everything, from the creation, with insertion of texts, products and configuration, to the periodic management / maintenance of your e-commerce. Ideal for dropshipping.
You will only to manage the orders (shipment of products/provision of services solded, management of relationships/direct communications with your customers/suppliers, etc). Everything will be notified to you by email and you can check it by accessing the control panel of the site). In case of different needs (no. of products, e-commerce platform, etc, ask for an "ad hoc" technical evaluation.
Ideal for those who expect a maximum of 20 new products per month. For different needs, evaluate the other packages in evidence or request an ad hoc "Technical Evaluation".

Initial price fully refunded! Fully deducted from the sales percentage we are entitled to (See Details below)

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E-Commerce StartUp Basic

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E-Commerce StartUp Basic

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Package Included:
Evaluation of the feasibility of your business idea and advice/indications for its possible improvement;
Evaluation of the domain name ( and of the best hosting solution (web space) for your sales needs. Purchase and annual renewal costs not included in the package price and attributable to the purchaser;
Development and Implementation, in your native language, of your e-commerce on the chosen platform with:
1. Graphic theme supplied by us (Woocommerce demo - demo ThirtyBees - Prestashop demo) personalized with your logo and three images representative of your business (the images, of suitable format and resolution, are to be paid by the buyer but can be searched and adapted by our technicians for a fee that will be quoted ad hoc),
2. SEO optimization of category and product URLs,
3. Implementation of payment systems (bank transfer, cash on delivery, Paypal and credit/debit cards on the Stripe platform). The Paypal and Stripe configuration parameters must be provided by the buyer but, if necessary, our technicians, subject to an ad hoc offer, are available for support and advice for creating the account.
4. Implementation and configuration of a courier with a fixed shipping rate (without price differentiation by zip code, country and destination in general). If necessary and subject to an ad hoc offer, our technicians will be able to set different transport rates, based on your specific needs,
5. Product insertion and management, with initial insertion of 3 products and subsequent insertion/updating up to a maximum total of 20/month for the default language. Fee of € 0.50 (€ 1 for multi-option / price products) for each product / language added in case of additional language and / or exceeding the monthly limit. Texts (adequate) and images (type and appropriate resolution) are the responsibility of the buyer of the package. Subject to an ad hoc offer, we can still undertake the search / adaptation / translation of texts and research / adaptation of images,
6. Insertion of the basic texts of the site (who we are, privacy policy, cookies policy, contractual terms and conditions and transport / return products), for the default language ​​(texts provided by the buyer). In case and subject to an ad hoc offer, we can take care of the drafting / translation of the appropriate texts.

Basically, by purchasing this package you will only have to provide (or instruct our technicians, subject to payment, as indicated above) your texts, your logo, your images (of your business and of all the products on sale) and the description of your products and, finally, collect the payments and ship the products sold!
We take care of everything else.
The amount initially paid for the purchase of this package will be gradually deducted from the percentage due calculated on the proceeds obtained, gross of returns and refunds for complaints from customers (exclusively borne by the owner of the e-commerce). Therefore, until the amount paid for this package is covered, you will not have to pay us any compensation as a percentage. For more clarifications or details, please contact us.
The percentage due in case of choosing this package is 5% on sales, gross of returns and refunds for complaints from your customers, to be paid on a weekly basis. Cost of purchase and renewal of domain and hosting is charged to the customer, who will be the owner of both, from the beginning. The implementation of the store to the Privacy and Cookie legislation is the responsibility of the customer (but our Staff is at your disposal for the necessary assistance and advice, subject to a specific offer) as well as any other element not expressly provided for in this description.
The conditions indicated in this description have, to all intents and purposes, contractual value.
Once we have received your order, we will contact you at the e-mail address indicated at the time of the order to ask for all the information necessary to agree on how to proceed. Make sure you enter a correct email address.

Do you want an Ecommerce with a greater level of customization or on a different platform (Opencart, Magento, Shopify or other)?

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