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Technical Evaluation + Quote


Do you have a new project to carry out or do you simply want to modify or improve an existing website? Do you need specific and specialized consultancy and technical support regarding a problem/integration/modification on your website?
Request your Quote and you will receive a careful and precise Technical Report on the best solutions and interventions necessary for the realization of your project or to solve yourproblem, with relative and detailed Economic Offer.

The amount paid will be deducted from the total offer if accepted.

Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Technical Evaluation + Quote

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Technical Evaluation + Quote

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Why pay to get a quote when many do it for free?

Beware of Free Quotes for 2 basic reasons:
1. the majority does not waste even a minute in evaluating your specific needs but uses standard rates that will never fully reflect your specific needs. It follows that once the work has started they will ask you for an integration (increase) in the price initially requested:
2. whoever actually takes the time to actually evaluate your specific needs will inevitably recharge the time spent in this evaluation on the offer price but will not give you the details of the evaluation made in return. It follows therefore only a higher price than that necessary for the development of your project and nothing more.

Pay but to receive more than a simple economic offer.
PS IT Solution does not just send you a simple economic offer but carries out a complete technical and economic evaluation of your specific needs and, together with its estimate, detailed point by point, will send you a careful and precise Technical Report indicating, in detail, all the best possible solutions to your problems and / or better interventions for the achievement of your project which, even if the requested price will not be found convenient, will always be useful to you for his realization.

You will be free to accept our offer or not, without any commitment.

Once you have purchased this package, all you have to do is fill in each field and send the form you find HERE.

Our technicians will respond to your request within a maximum of 24 hours.

Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you want to pay with PayPal? (Discount not applied)

Registration not required. You will immediately receive the instructions to request the Check via our special Request Form, directly to the email address associated with your Paypal Account or communicated at the time of purchase with Card on Paypal server.


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