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Guaranteed and Multidomains modules, scripts and software

Guaranteed, Multi-domain license and Minimized need for Upgrades modules, scripts and software.

Their perfect functioning is always Guaranteed by the Online Demos published and accessible from the site or, in any case, can be viewed in case of need / request.

They are distributed with a Multisite/Multidomain license (for details see Terms and Conditions). You buy it only once and it is reused on more owned websites/domains unlike other developers/distributors who require the purchase of a license for each website/domain on which they will be used.

All our modules are designed and built to require a minimum number of updates, being designed to remain fully functional, with particular exceptions, for the entire duration of the life cycle of a "Major" Version. This is in order to minimize, other than the need for continuous checks and updates of the versions, with consequent measures to put the site off line, with all that derives from it, also and above all the risk of any problems that the update of any module Prestashop inevitably entails.


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