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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

For your guarantee and protection, the following has, to all intents and purposes, contractual value.

Prices and Certification of license and service fees (Invoices)

This website has as its object occasional work performed according to art. 67 lett. L of TUIR 917/86 and VAT excluded according to art. 5 of Presidential Decree 633 - 26/10/1972 and/or transaction outside the scope of VAT according to Article 3, paragraph 4 letter a) of Presidential Decree no. 633/72 (transfer of copyright / non-exclusive use license). The indicated price refers to the non-exclusive sale of the license of use our modules distribuited under PS IT Solution Software License, or for the others "Service Packs" conected. To request an invoice, please send a specific request to providing all the necessary tax information, with particular reference to: First Name and Surname or Company Name, VAT ID and Tax Residency Address, if not all provided at the time of registration on the website, and to send an express request for issuance (the applicant must have all the requirements established by current Italian legislation to act as a withholding agent) to

Compatibility / Operation Warranty / Updates

The perfect functionality of our modules, scripts or other is guaranteed by the online demos referred to, for each of them, in the respective tab / description or, in any case, accessible through this site. We guarantee perfect functioning on the default versions of the platforms for which they are intended. For all other cases, please refer to what has been said regarding the Support and Assistance confitions. Except in exceptional cases, our modules are conceived, designed and built to ensure their correct functioning, without the need for updates, for the entire life cycle of the "Major" releases of the platforms they are intended for (see for example here for the Prestashop platform).

Security Backup

We recommend that you always make a backup of the site before proceeding with the installation or uninstallation of modules, scripts or any other task / assignment. We decline any responsibility in case of failure to comply with this recommendation.

Secure Payments

For all the details regarding guarantees, terms, conditions and types of payments methods, please refer to the section "Secure Payments", which is an integral part of this contractual agreement.

We decline all responsibility in case of any problem arising from the breach of these instructions and is not provided free assistance or advice problems resolution.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PS IT Solution transfers the non-exclusive right to use (license/copyright) of Modules of its development and provides occasional services connected to them or not, outside the VAT field in accordance with the italian legislation in force.
Ours modules can be REUSED* on multiple websites, own or owned by one's customers, with respect to which it is possible to prove a regular supplier/customer contractual relationship, but always within the limits of what is indicated below. Unlike most similar modules in the market, sold with a single license (buy one module per site), PS IT Solution offers each module under PS IT Unique License*. Therefore, by purchasing one of our Modules or packages only once, you will have the right to reuse the versions of the module received for a maximum total of three websites or domains or subdomains or subdirectories, in compliance with our Copyright and, obviously, on condition that you have purchased and are in possession of a regular License of use (corresponding to the purchase order number/ref. of each module), to be documented and always try with your order/purchase reference number. It is strictly forbidden and punishable by law and by legal means, with a claim for damages, the sale or distribution of our modules in any capacity and / or the removal of our Copyright from them. For the protection of our Copyright and end users, all our modules, scripts and software are trackedPS IT Unique License has a multi-domain validity of twelve months, after which the license will be valid for a single website/domain/subdomain/subdirectory. Therefore, to continue using our module(s) in the terms and in the manner indicated above, it will be necessary to purchase an "Upgrade Fee". Any violation will be promptly reported to the competent authorities, with all the following consequences*. Deactivating and/or uninstalling the module(s) does not remedy the situation as it could be reactivated or reinstalled at any time.

With reference to the above, we reserve the right to request the license number from anyone who uses one of our modules, at any time. To avoid a formal request, which is still within our rights, proceed with the registration/communication of the domain(s)/subdomains/subdirectories using the form in the Order Details (Customer Area -> Order History -> Order Details).

*Each license is linked to the reference or Purchase Order number and the ownership or customer relationship of the websites on which our modules are used must be proven and verifiable. Only the licenses present in your current "order history" area of this platform are valid. All previous licenses or, in any case, not present in your current "order history", are to be considered expired and/or invalid (see notification communicated on 01.01.2022). Use or possession of our modules without a valid license is a violation of our copyright represent a violation of our copyright, which will be promptly reported to the competent authorities and will give rise to a consequent request for compensation for the economic damage caused by this, quantifiable in the license price at the time of the request multiplied by a factor of 100.

Purchase of License (Order), Download and Update

Each module / software can be downloaded just once, within a maximum of 24 hours from the time of purchase of the user license (order conclusion), without exception. Exceeded this limit of number of downloads and times for its execution, the buyer will have to make an express request. The granting of a new download option is at our discretion. The right to request and consequently receive, following an express request by email, the latest available version of our modules is reserved for all purchasers of packages that expressly foresee it. All those who purchase or have purchased a "License Fee" package or who, at the time of requesting the update, do not provide for the free upgrade, will be able to obtain updates by purchasing the "Upgrade Fee" package relating to each module already purchased. It is possible to access the "Upgrade Fee" packages directly from your Customer area - My Account, where there is a special "Modules Update" button which will send you back to the Search and/or Direct Selection of the relative Upgrade Fee, or by clicking on this LINK. 

The simple procedure to obtain and to download your module(s) update(s) is explained and illustrated, step by step, at this LINK.

Updates do not include the Support Service and the Installation and configuration service. For mor info, please, see the point "Support Conditions".

IMPORTANT: we remind you that even if the outdated versions of our modules, plugins and scripts continue to work on the latest versions of the target web platforms (Prestashop, Wordpress/Woocommerce, etc) and the latest versions of the programming language used (PHP, etc) available, the the fact that their source code is not updated could lead to a serious risk in terms of vulnerability and security for the web platform on which they are used. We therefore strongly recommend that you proceed, always and as soon as possible, to update modules/scrpts/plugins and software in general to the latest version/release available on this official store, absolutely declining any responsibility in the event of any problem and/or damage caused, even if ascertained, ascertainable and directly attributable to them.

To keep up to date on news and updates, it is advisable to subscribe to our Newsletter or read the periodic communications sent to customers, as per the following point "News and Communications".

Support Conditions

We guarantee assistance and support 24h 7/7 (unless otherwise communicated on our website) in compliance with the terms and conditions specified below. Each intervention is related to a single website. In case of need for intervention on several websites, the following will be applied uniquely for each of them. In case you need installation, configuration and/or uninstallation of the modules by our technicians it will be necessary to purchase one of the "Install and Config Service" packages (Install and Config Service Multisite for Prestashop in Multisite configuration). The support service does not cover any problems arising after our first support interview, for any reason, upgrade of our module and/or any problems arising as a result of upgrades and/or downgrades of the prestashop version, restore backups, file modifications of the site in general or problems deriving from conflict with other modules already present or subsequently installed, as it does not cover websites other than the one for which support was requested and/or additional websites, sites with multisites configuration and/or problems relating to the redirect 301 package. There is no free support for the "License Fee" package buyers, for the free modules and for all modules where not expressly provided in the product sheet on our website on the date of the request. IIn all cases where free support and/or, in general, support is not included/provided, it will still be possible to request it upon purchase:

  • the "Installation Support Service" package for advice in case of installation problems of our modules. The service provides for the provision of advice and information necessary to solve your problem independently but does not provide for direct intervention on the site/sites of our technicians. It is therefore necessary to have the necessary technical skills to carry out these interventions independently (use of FTP clients, edition and modification of files, etc.) and we do not respond in any way if you do not vhave them (in this case we strongly recommend using one of the packages listed below.);
  • the "Support and Consultancy Service" package for advice on any problems/doubts with our modules or different problems encountered on your website. The service provides for the provision of advice and information necessary to solve your problem independently but does not provide for direct intervention on the site/sites of our technicians. It is therefore necessary to have the necessary technical skills to carry out these interventions independently (use of FTP clients, edition and modification of files, etc.) and we do not respond in any way if you do not have them (in this case we strongly recommend using one of the packages listed below.);
  • the "Check Service" package for analysis and possible resolution within the times and methods provided for by the service (for all the details see the specific point below and the technical data sheet of the package) of other problems than those of installation and/or independent of our modules and/or deriving from conflicts with other modules, with the themes, modifications/integration made to the Prestashop core, the theme or other, upgrades, both of the our modules that of the core PS or other and/or to have an evaluation of the cost of our direct intervention for all other cases/problems encountered;
  • the package "Technical Evaluation + Quote" to request a non-binding evaluation of the cost of our direct intervention for any specific problems encountered (see details in the product sheet);
  • the "Install and Config" package (Singlesite or Multisite) to request our direct intervention on your website for issues relating to the installation and configuration of the module.

The perfect functioning of our modules is guaranteed by our online demos and we decline any responsibility, obligation to support and return the amount paid in case of malfunction due to failure to comply with any indications provided by our technicians, with manuals or reports provided by the modules themselves, conflicts generated by third party modules and / or modifications / alterations of both the source code of the modules, any other cause not directly dependent on our modules and/or in all cases of non-compliance with these rules. The support offered with the modules also does not include assistance for issues that go beyond the modules themselves, the Redirect 301 of the old urls to the new ones without ids, as they do not include the correction / modification of the urls entered manually, in other modules, banners, sliders, etc of the site and, again, the elimination / arrangement of any duplicate urls. However, what has been said can be contracted separately, upon special offer, at the customer's request. The "Redirect 301" package provide for the supply of an illustrated manual in .pdf format containing the code and the relative instructions and indications for making a 301 redirect using .htaccess files from the old urls with ids to new ones without ids after installing our PS IT Clean urls module, to be purchased separately. Other forms of 301 redirect may be contracted separately, upon customer request, subject to a specific offer. All technical manuals supplied with our packages require a level of technical knowledge appropriate for the application of the instructions provided in them. By purchasing these packages you acknowledge and declare that you have this level of knowledge and, therefore, we decline any responsibility and any possible type of recrimination or claim, including reimbursement, in case of failure or errors in the application of the instructions provided. We respond within a maximum period of 24 hh (unless otherwise communicated on our site), on working days. We decline all responsibility and under no circumstances may requests for reimbursement of the amounts paid or any other type of claim be made in the event of lack of the minimum technical knowledge/skills required for the implementation/application/interpretation of the indications provided with our manuals/procedures and/or otherwise necessary for the installation/setting/configuration of scripts, plugins, modules and any type of object codes of the purchased licenses. In the event of such shortcomings, it is always possible to request the direct intervention and/or consultancy of our technicians in compliance with the terms and conditions relating to the provision of such services.  Can't wait 24hh? Ask for a "Priority Check".
Buy the service "Priority Check Service" and send our Support Form with all requested data and details of the your problem, specifying in the appropriate field that it is a "Priority Check Service" . Our technicians will analyze your problem within a maximum of 8 hours.
Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
All the data required in the Request Support Forms are essential to the provision of the technical support service. Without them, it will not be possible to provide the service and not for our own fault. Therefore, the refund of the amount paid will not be considered. No refund is also foreseen in case of purchase of a Service, as soon as the order has been received by email. A partial refund may be provided in the event that the customer purchases a package/service that is not suitable for his actual needs but only and only after purchasing the most suitable service. In any case, we reserve, at our sole discretion, the right to refuse to provide the service with a full refund of the amount paid for the requested service.

Provision of the "Check" service

By purchasing the "Check Service" packages (Prestashop, Wordpress/Woocommerce or Website) and sending all the requested data with the appropriate Support Request Form, our technicians will evaluate the problem (s) reported on your website, within a maximum period of 24 hours from receipt of the Support Request Form. To have an intervention within the maximum term of 8 hours from your request, it is possible to purchase the "Priority Check" package, to which the same general terms and conditions indicated in this paragraph apply.

IMPORTANT: All the data requested in the Support Request Form and any additional data / information requested by our technicians are an essential condition for the provision of the technical support service. Without them it will not be possible to provide the expected work performance and this is not our fault. Therefore, the refund of the amount paid will not be contemplated.

The beginning of the intervention, if deemed necessary by our technicians or expressly requested by the customer, will be notified by an email in response to your request. The Check is aimed at an in-depth analysis of the problem or problems reported or encountered and their possible resolution within the maximum time allowed for the provision of the service (120 min or 15 min for the Flash Pack). In the event that the work and related execution times required for the definitive resolution of the problem (s) encountered are greater than the maximum limit set for the service, you will receive a specific offer for carrying out the work necessary for the definitive resolution. At the end of the check, in any case, you will receive a report on the possible causes of the problems highlighted / found and, as mentioned, a possible offer for our direct technical intervention for its / their definitive resolution, which you will be free to evaluate and accept, only if you deem it appropriate. The service does not foresee a priori either our direct intervention for the resolution or the supply of the technical and procedural indications necessary for its / their resolution. A direct intervention or the sending of the technical and procedural indications for the resolution will take place only upon acceptance of our relative economic offer. You will therefore be free, once we have communicated the causes of the problem, to entrust the direct intervention to any other trusted technician. In any case, we reserve, at our sole discretion, the right to refuse to provide the service with a full refund of the amount paid for the requested service.


To affiliate with PS IT Solutiomn, simply follow the following steps:

1. register on this store as a customer;
2. purchase products and services available on the store, for yourself or for your customers (in this case you will be absolutely free to apply the mark-up you deem appropriate). To receive the commission it is necessary to make purchases for a minimum monthly amount of 150 euros but, if this amount is not reached, you will still have the possibility of making money with your mark-up on the price and achieve a 300% profit by reselling multi-domain licenses;
3. pay for each purchase by Bank Transfer (other forms of payment will not be considered valid for affiliation);
4. specify at the time of each order, in the field reserved for communications/comments, that you are purchasing as an affiliate, communicating your IBAN (necessary to receive your affiliate compensation).

PS IT Solution will have no obligation towards affiliates' customers beyond what is defined in these Terms and Conditions and affiliates will be directly responsible for the conditions and terms established with their customers.

For all the details regarding the affiliation relationship, please refer to the provisions in the specific "Affiliation" section, which is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

News and Communications

By registering as a customer and/or using our modules, you agree to receive periodic news and communications, carried out in compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, sent, if necessary, to the email address used for registration. It will always be possible to request the non-receipt of such emails by sending a request through the appropriate link highlighted in the communications, necessarily indicating the license number (ref. order) of the module(s) in use. The cancellation also implies the cancellation of the customer account which, however, can be recreated, using the same email address, with a new registration.

Terms and Conditions Update

Terms and Conditions may be subject to updates, with additions and/or modifications, at any time, which will be communicated by email to customers, with the exception of those who have requested, with reference to what is established in these Terms and Conditions and/or by legislation in force on the subject, the cancellation from the contact list for News and Communications (see point above), to which it is advisable to constantly examine it in order to stay updated on the matter, since, in no case, will they be exempt from it. Any communications blocked by your anti-spam service are also considered valid. You are obviously free not to accept any updates. This must be communicated in writing, via email, to, it will be equivalent to a request to rescind the contract and will result in the immediate loss of the license granted and the consequent right to use the connected modules. Continuing to use our modules will therefore represent a violation of our copyright, which will be promptly reported to the competent authorities and will give rise to a consequent request for compensation for the economic damage caused by this, quantifiable in the license price at the time of the request multiplied by a factor of 100.


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