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Modules, Scripts and Software Update

The constant updating to the latest available version/release (1) of our modules, scripts and software, as well as of any web software in general and of the main open source web platforms (read Wordpress/Woocommerce, Prestashop, Opencart, ThirtyBees) in particular, is a procedure particularly important to minimize the risk of vulnerability of your website.

In fact, it is known that any software (not just our modules, scripts and software) based on outdated code represents a risk, a potential gateway for external attacks on your website, which exploit vulnerabilities identified by attackers in outdated code. For this reason it is essential to make use of modules, scripts and software based on always up-to-date code and, for this reason, all our products, distributed through this website, are constantly reviewed and updated, thus always guaranteeing maximum security (for more details on this, see Terms and Conditions).

To proceed with the update of our modules, simply follow the specific link that you will try in your Customer Area.

(1) IMPORTANT: Due to our need, given the special attention and constant daily work that our development team dedicates to the verification and security updates of its source code, the advancement of the modules, plugins, scripts  and softwares Version number occurs only in the case of significant changes to the code and/or in the basic architecture of modules, plugins and scripts. Minor updates and, above all, security updates, on the other hand, are marked by a change only in the update date, the one indicated under the title "Last update", present in each of its technical sheets. Therefore, to be sure that you always have the latest update of our modules, plugins and scripts at your disposal, it is recommended to always consult only the update date published on our website (Last Update).

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