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Become our affiliate, it's simple and convenient!


Markup on price without limits, 300% profit margin on licenses and a sales commissions of 20% (minimum*)!

Selling price Markup

Affiliates will be free to apply the mark-up deemed most appropriate to our sales price, indicated on the site, without any obligation to communicate, as they are direct contracting parties for sales to their customers.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR RESALE OF LICENSES: each single license is multi-domain and, as per the Terms and Conditions, can be used up to a maximum of 3 domains/subdomains/subdirectories for 12 months (indefinitely on a single domain). Therefore you will have the possibility of reselling it to up to 3 customers. From this it follows that, in addition to the mark-up margin that you decide to apply on our sales price, you will have the possibility of multiplying your mark-up margin by 3 on each individual license. In this case you will only have to be careful to register the domains on which the license will be used using the form that you will find in the details of your order (customer area -> order history -> order details).


PS IT Solution will compensate (Cashback) you every month (within the first 7 working days), by bank transfer to the iBAN you communicated (as per point 3 of the affiliotion procedure) an amount equal to 20%* calculated on the total purchases made in the previous month.

*we reserve the possibility of obtaining a higher commission for all affiliates who demonstrate a consistent and continuous volume of purchases.


What should I do?

To affiliate with us, simply follow the following steps:
1. register on this store as a customer;
2. purchase products and services available on the store, for yourself or for your customers (in this case you will be absolutely free to apply the mark-up you deem appropriate). To receive the commission it is necessary to make purchases for a minimum monthly amount of 150 euros but, if this amount is not reached, you will still have the possibility of making money with your mark-up on the price and achieve a 300% profit by reselling multi-domain licenses;
3. pay for each purchase by Bank Transfer (other forms of payment will not be considered valid for affiliation);
4. specify at the time of each order, in the field reserved for communications/comments, that you are purchasing as an affiliate, communicating your IBAN (necessary to receive your affiliate compensation).


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