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E-commerce StartUp and Dropshipping: start selling online at Zero Fixed Costs and Zero Initial Costs

E-commerce StartUp and Dropshipping: start selling online at Zero Fixed Costs and Zero Initial Costs

If your dream is to sell online, from the comfort of your home, your products and/or services or third party products and/or services, making you completely autonomous or simply to supplement your income from employment, you are in the right place. Right.
In order for a dream to come true and turn into a successful project, first of all, a good Plan and the necessary tools to make it a reality are necessary.
We put at your disposal all the necessary tools, a series of tools designed and calibrated for this purpose, as well as all our professionalism and experience in the online sales sector.
We won't go into this premise any further, since, if you're here, at least as far as your dream is concerned, you have quite clear ideas, and let's go straight to the point.
There are two main types of dreamers:
1. those who already have a clear and defined dream;
2. those who have a dream but still confused and unclear.
For both we have the ideal solutions and, for both, we are able to satisfy all needs, taking care of the entire process of practical realization of the dream, from the feasibility study, to the design up to the definitive implementation of your online store.
Thus you will be able to immediately start selling with your online store, concentrating your time solely on managing orders and collections, without having to worry about anything else. We take care of everything else!
Business Plan, purchase of domain and hosting/server, creation of e-commerce and, even with the exception of the "No Fee" package, intended for those who want to personally take care of warehouse management or for those who opt for Dropshipping (see below), of insertion/management of products/services intended for sale. For the most demanding, who will not find their ideal solution in our available standard packages, we have also provided for the possibility of a specific "Technical Evaluation" with relative offer for the creation of a totally customized solution. In short, with our support you can finally make your dream come true!
What can you sell?
Your Products and/or Services, if you are already or would like to be a trader with your own warehouse or a professional specialized in the provision of one or more certain services.
Third party products and/or services, thanks to "Dropshipping", a particular contractual formula stipulated between you and a specialized supplier, which will allow you to sell without having a warehouse. In summary:
1. the customer buys and pays, directly to you, on your website, the product/service for sale,
2. the order is automatically forwarded to your supplier who will take care of shipping/providing the product/service directly to your customer.
3. having already collected the price (certainly already increased by your percentage of revenue), all you have to do is pay the supplier for the specific good/service provided to your customer.
How will you be able to sell?
With one of our E-StartUp/Dropshipping solutions or with a totally customized e-commerce, based on your wishes and needs, subject to a specific "Technical Evaluation and Estimate".
What else will you have to do?
You will only have to choose the solution you deem most appropriate or contact us for more information and clarifications. We take care of everything else!

E-commerce StartUp and DropShipping

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