Woocommerce Clean Friendly Urls Service


Bring your Woocommerce to the top of Google search results! Does your Woocommerce use the default frienly url structure (/product-category/ and /product/)?

This structure is not the optimal one! (more details here).

With this service we optimize the structure of the friendly urls of your woocommerce by eliminating the mandatory woocommerce prefixes and setting the redirect 301 of all the old category and product urls to the new onesand your e-commerce will jump first in Google searches in a few days.

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Woocommerce Clean Friendly Urls Service

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Woocommerce Clean Friendly Urls Pack

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Virtual stores developed on the Wordpress/Woocommerce platform are excellent sales tools but, basically, they will always have a great limit in their SEO indexing potential due to the use of the "prefix" (/category-product/, due to the friendly URL structure of the categories, and /product/ by that of the products) that significantly reduces its potential in visits and possibility of sales.

Category Friendly URL example:

Typical Woocommerce URL: https://yoursite.com/categories-product/main-category/

SEO optimized URL: https://yoursite.com/main-category/

Product Friendly URL Example

Typical Woocommerce URL: https://yoursite.com/product/your-product/

SEO optimized URL: https://yoursite.com/your-product/ or https://yoursite.com/parent-category/your-product/

PS IT Solution, based on its decades of SEO experience, has developed an ideal service to eliminate this problem and optimize the indexing potential of your Woocommerce SEO


Category: http://restaurant-virtual-menu.com/side-dishes-vegetables/

Product: http://restaurant-virtual-menu.com/side-dishes-vegetables/demo-course/

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