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PS IT Advanced Clean Urls Module with Automatic Redirect


Customize your Prestashop friendly urls. Choose if remove (or maintain) IDS (and Id_product_attribute) from product, categories, suppliers, brand and cms pages urls. Ideal for migration from PS 1.6 to PS 1.7.
Prestashop 1.6.x and 1.7.x supported!
Unlimited multidomain/multisite license: buy the module once and use it on all the sites you want!

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"License Fee" Package includes: Module + Installation and Configuration Illustrated Manual
Free Support NOT included.
If you need support, ask for our "Support Service Additional WebSite" package.

The PS IT Advanced Clean Urls module offers maximum freedom allowing you to "choose" the pages where to remove or not the IDs, thus guaranteeing absolute discretion in setting the structure of your prestashop store.
Then decide if:
- Remove or mantains the Ids and id_product_attribute (for version 1.7) from the friendly urls of the product pages and the ids from the catagoria pages, manufacturers, suppliers and cms.
For example, if you want CMS URLs to keep the ID, removing the ID from all other URLs instead, you can get it easily (VIDEO DEMO). Perfect to recreate in Prestshop 1.7 the same structure and behavior urls of Prestashop 1.6 and avoid laborious procedures of Redirect 301 in order not to lose the indexing acquired with your old Prestashop.
- Remove or not the .html suffix, the final slashes (trailing slash) and the extra texts from the friendly URL (for ex: #/1-size-m/4-color-red).
A long and complex URL, like this (urls typically generated by Prestashop by default)
it can be transformed, with simplicity, into a definitely more "friendly" urls suitable for SEO purposes, like the following:
but, if you want, for any reason, even if we do not recommend it, you can only delete any of its elements, getting, for example, an url like the following (deleting the ID only)
or (eliminating only the anchor and the id_product_attribute).
- Prevents the 404 error, by Redirect 301 of old urls with ids to new ones without ids and, again, allowing you to choose to redirect pages with error.
- Allows you to generate and manage friendly urls (slugs) of duplicate sub-categories without problems (example: and, as well as helping you in eliminating of urls duplicates not wanted, signaling anyway all the friendly urls (slugs) duplicates present on your store and much more.
- Increase site loading speed by storing friendly urls directly in the cache.

- Highlight duplicate urls.

- Allows you to recreate / regenerate on the basis of the product / category name, with a single click, all the friendly urls, thus eliminating duplicates.

- Allows the elimination of the main language suffix.

All this makes this module also the ideal support tool in the migration from Prestashop 1.5 and 1.6 to Prestashop 1.7 so as not to lose the ranking already acquired in Google.

For more information and details, contact us.

For all details, please read our Terms and Conditions.

Prestashop 1.6.x and 1.7.x supported!

Copyright Software License.
Use our Module on all your sites without license limits!
©2017 Deposited Copyright*

This module is included in one of our packages "Extra Discont"

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