PS IT Clean Urls Module


Remove ids (and Id_product_attribute) from product, categories, suppliers, brand and cms pages urls and optimize the SEO of your Prestashop, bringing it to the top in Google searches. Clean and optimize your Prestashop friendly urls! Why remove Ids and id_product_attribute?

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PS IT Clean Urls Module

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PS IT Clean Urls Module

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Package include: Module + Installation and Configuration Illustrated Manual + Video Tutorial

Remove IDs and id_product_attributeRedirect 301 and Fix Error 404 available.

Our module is designed to permanently eliminate ids and id_product_attribute from Prestashop urls, being absolutely deleterious for SEO. In case you want to use urls instead with a wider range of customization possibilities, the module for you is our "PS IT Advamced Clean Urls".

Improve your rankings in Google and other search engines.
Old urls will be redirected to new ones using 301 or 302, no pagerank loss.
Prevent 404 error.
Cache friendly URLs and increase pages loading speed.
Ability to remove .html, slashes and extra texts from urls so your urls will be even nicer and cleaner. For example: /fashion/2-tshirt-1234567890123.html#/2-size-s/4-color-red?vs=133ds can become a short and clean one -> /fashion/tshirt
You are also be able to choose types of pages to apply advanced dispatcher.
Allows you to translate cms urls. For example: /en/content/1-delivery -> /en/info/delivery
Fix duplicated URLs easily listing all duplicated urls out, so you can fix them. You have to fix duplicated urls, because product name will be used as the main key to identify different products.
This module provide a quick and easy solution for duplicated URLs, if you have a lot of them, which is adding product references to urls and It is the only urls cleaning module for Prestashop that "Allows duplicate urls in different categories / subcategories"(see our On-line Demo).
Add canonical tag to head section to improve the SEO rank
Allow to remove category name from product URLs.
Allows add parent categories to product URLs.
Allows add parent categories to category URLs.

Copyright Software License.
Multisite/Multidomain license. Read Terms and Conditions.
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